2019 SOLO Exhibition

The show was at Cheryl Hazan Contemporary in New York City in Tribeca.

The show ALGO RHYTHM was a combination of my older gestural work and the new series the GEOMETRIX.



  • Deliberate + Unintentional , (solo exhibit)

    Deliberate + Unintentional

    (solo exhibit)

    "Deliberate and Unintentional" solo exhibit: Although best known for her abstract expressionist paintings, Masterpol revives abstract surrealism and automatism in her new work. She utilizes the power of stroke and line, painting deliberately and letting images emerge unintentionally. Being less analytical, exposing her internal dialogue through the process of free association, Masterpol unravels an abstract portrait of the moment, full of surprise and bold unexpected juxtapositions. HADID GALLERY (Los Angeles)


    CLICK on link below to see exhibit video.





  • Nuart Gallery Video presentation

    Masterpol on the studio 2021