This series demonstrates the use of the right and left side of the brain during the stroke making of the piece. I am right-handed but, for some of the pieces, I intentionally used my left hand to reveal a large difference in the stroke. My left hand seems liberated, creative and it feels as though my brain shuts off when using it ... the stokes feel organic. My right hand seems to create more rigid or usual strokes. In the past, I always used my right hand, the more creative side. But, now I get the sense that my right hand has become tired and repetitive. I find it oddly interesting to witness the difference in paintings. I like to think that I have flipped sides.

The left brain

  • logic
  • sequencing
  • linear thinking
  • mathematics
  • facts
  • thinking in words

The right brain

  • imagination
  • holistic thinking
  • intuition
  • arts
  • rhythm
  • nonverbal cues
  • feelings visualization
  • daydreaming