I work in a series format which allows myself and the work to progress and never stop evolving. Working the way I do is an alleyway to explore all the abstractions without limitations. My influences are nature, sound and truth which alter me and in turn alter the work in many ways I cannot explain. I literally use a jumping-off-a-bridge into the abyss modus. In there I compose, allow, surrender and give birth to something unsuspecting. I relinquish thought so something else can emerge, something unexplainable. The stuff in—between existence and non-existence is my playground. I exploit myself to gain access to unearthly realms of the unseen and the unknown through my human experiences. Because I am highly sensitive, vulnerable and intuitive, I am vastly open to possibilities that are not otherwise present or available. Since I can remember, I have had a demanding drive to create... it is a true reflection of who I am, inside—out. In the end, the result/work is a self-actualized breathing entity, which is a part of the whole (body of work), kind of like how the universe works.